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Current Game

GURPS: Combat!

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 Your ALT-Text here  Your ALT-Text here GURPS: Combat!
Using 4th Edition Rules and the WWII books from 3rd Edition and modifying as needed.
You are a member a rifle squad of K Company, 361st Regiment, 29th Infantry
This is a 105 Point Game
Downloads for GURPS: Combat!
Updated 9/13/2006
Player's Starting Information Rule clarifications and Expansion Coming Soon GM Charts for 4th Edition.
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 GURPS: Star Trek game

GURPS: Fantasy game

DunDraCon 2007
Occasional Games and One Time Adventures
Current Fantasy Game Special Ops Game Current Old West Game
Our 300 Point Fantasy game has ended. Our Special Ops game ended after 3 session but it was still a lot of fun. Our Old West game started with the Civil War (in a condensed table driven version) through 1869 when the game ended.


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Date Start System Location
October TBA 11an Combat! Darrell's
November TBA 11an Fantasy Darrell's



Special One Time Games we have played
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Mike's Star Wars - Half the party died.

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Larry's Modern - Everyone died in this one. Lesson learned? Don't shoot the guy holding the detonator!

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About us. We play GURPS once a month alternating between playing in Antioch and Vallejo. Mostly on a Saturday from 11am to 9pm and sometime Noon to whenever. We also use the GCA program Version 4 from Steve Jason Game  (GURPS Character Assistant v4.0) to create and maintain our characters. To help send messages to each other and the GM during we play, and to keep them secret from other players, most of us use laptops connected in a peer-to-peer network. Yep, real geeky but it works.
Coming soon. We will post our previous characters as GCA files and if anyone is interested they may download them.
Evil Mike. What, who, or why is Evil Mike? Long story, maybe some day it will be posted but in the meantime the only way to learn the complete story is to game with us.  Your ALT-Text here

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