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UPDATED 11/01/2006
Game is on Hold!

Player Character Flag Points BIO GCA
Mike Wilson AniLittleTorch.gif (1376 bytes) John Henry smusflag.jpg (1277 bytes) 172.0 BIO
Mark Vennemeyer Donald Clark ? 167.5
Darrell Lahmen Joshua Ledbedder smconflag.jpg (1362 bytes) 153.0
Matt Maksel ??? smusflag.jpg (1277 bytes) 171.5
  AniLittleTorch.gif (1376 bytes) Current GM of this Old West game    More BIOs and GCA files to come
Deceased or Former players


Jacob Mitchell Kellan Drystansson smusflag.jpg (1277 bytes) 163.5 BIO Alive
Goodbye to our friend Jacob. His last gaming day was June 24, 2000 as he just accepted a new job in Orange county and is leaving on June 26.  Jacob has been gaming with us some time now, playing in both our ongoing Fantasy and Old West games plus a number of special games as well. His constant talk at the game table, long and diabolical debates over where we go for dinner, plus his good humor shall be missed by all of us. Although it may be tough to get a word in edgewise with him, he can go on and on, he is a good listener and goes with the game flow.

Jacob, good luck in your new job and we hope to see you now and again.

The Knights of the Gaming Table (formerly the Armageddon Country Club).

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