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The Ways of the Warrior

Game Title The Ways of the Warrior
System Used

GURPS 4th Edition: Space (Star Trek Variant). The GURPS system being used is with special rules written for Star Trek Races, Equipment, Weapons, Ships, etc. Books I will be using are Space, Ultra Tech 1 & 2, High Tech, Special Ops, which are all 3rd edition books with weapons and equipment modified for 4th Edition use. I will of course be using the 4th Edition Basic Set Characters Book and Campaign Book. I will also be using the Advanced Combat System with miniatures (all provided). Don't worry if you have never played GURPS before or haven't tried 4th Edition, this game will help teach you.

As a special note: I do play with the Advanced Combat rules with miniatures. Space combat is abstract and is a variation of the Decipher Space Combat system for their Star Trek Role Playing game.

Description as it will appear in the schedule.

In space all warriors are cold warriors and as part of the crew of the IKV Bloodlust, the LOUDEST ship in ANY fleet, you will have the opportunity to prove that.

General Info Players: 7.  Points: around 200 to 250. I will provide the characters. Game Length: 8 hours
More detailed information. Your ship, the Imperial Klingon Vessel Bloodlust, is currently in orbit of a small planet near the old Klingon-Federation Neutral Zone. You are part of the command crew of the IKV Bloodlust, a B'Rel class starship which has a crew compliment of 12 to 14 warriors. Make sure you do your duty for yourself and for the Klingon Empire.
Background Information: This game takes place during the era of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine although no specific Stardate  has been specified.
   The Klingon Empire is in an alliance with the Federation and all is somewhat peaceful between these two, at least for now. There have been minor skirmishes between ships but nothing close to outright war.
   The Klingon Empire is neutral towards the Romulans and doesn't bother itself with the internal struggles the Romulan Star Empire is currently experiencing.
   The Dominion has established its presents in what is known as the Alpha Quadrant of the Federationt and shapeshifters have been discovered spying on all the local space faring races. It is rumored that the Cardassians are involved as well.
   There are no other adversaries worth mentioning at this time except for the minor annoyances of the Ferengie, the Orion Syndicate, and those Tholians.
Scheduled for... I am trying for my usual Friday night 8pm slot.
Special Note: Beginners are welcome. For those of you that are not sure how to play a Klingon I will provide all the information that you will need.
Prizes I will be awarding some prizes from my personal collection. These will include some GURPS Books.
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