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System Used GURPS: Fantasy. The GURPS books being used are Fantasy, Magic, Bestiary, Fantasy Bestiary and of course the 4th Edition Basic Books. I will also be using the Advanced Combat System with miniatures (all provided). Variations:  This is the GM’s variant of Yrth; it is NOT the same as in the Banestorm book. Advanced Combat & Injury Systems to be used.
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General Info Players: 7.  Points: around 175. I will provide the characters. Game Length: 8 hours
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Background Information:
World History:

Yrth is dominated by a central continent of Ytteria. On this land there exist a variety of races and politics. There are three (3) Superpowers, two (2) significant powers and a multitude of small “independents.”

The Empire is the largest Superpower in landmass, population, wealth, army, etc. It has “live and let live” mentality. Despite the powers of the Empire, much of its resources are spent keeping its borders secure and the “independents” at peace with each other. It is loosely patterned on the Roman Empire.

The Papacy is a religious-dominated Superpower of moderate size and is an agricultural society. The clergy performs most of the functions of the government. It is loosely patterned after the Holy Roman Empire.

The Kingdom is the smallest Superpower in land mass & population, but makes of this in its naval forces and off-shore holdings. Feudal Lords rule the lands and knights make up the core of the army. The Kingdom is a Camelot-style land.

The city of Tredroy is the largest city on Yrth and is located at a corner point of the Kingdom, Empire and Papacy. Due to its location and sizable population, the city is (mostly) independent of outside influences, but can not exert its power very far from its own walls.

The Zudrad Nation is the “evil” empire made up of society rejects (orcs, ogres, trolls, humans, etc.). It is located to the far north of the Papacy and Empire. Due to its own nature, cooperation and “national identity” are virtually unknown ideas amongst the Zudrad.

In addition to these nations/political powers, there is a large number of independents: Dwarf- Mountain kingdoms, nomadic lizard men tribes, orc clans, wizardry communes, elf-forest states, island nations, etc.

Scheduled for... Saturday afternoon- 4pm. Event# 307 in Room 161 for 8 hours. CONFIRMED
Special Note: Beginners are welcome.
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