300 Point Character Creation guidelines.

 Please use this as the guideline to create a 300-point PC for our group. 

Creation of a 300 point PC is a two- (2) step process.  You first need to create a 175 point character, then you “add in” 125 points as if you had been role-playing it the entire time.  A GM must review and approve your character prior to play.  You must submit a copy of your 175-point version of the PC, and a copy of the 300-point version of the PC, and your Starting equipment list to the GM for review.

After the first time you play the PC, you can “tweak” it however you want, but it should be a “similar character” (i.e., an Orc Shaman should still be an Orc Shaman, but his grimoire of spells can change).  This is due to the fact some player do not realize exactly what they got themselves into (for example, some players create a highly social creature who can not fight his way out a paper sack, because the player thought we just “role-played”)

 In effect, the 175 point PC should be a complete and playable character.  Please do not create a rough frame of a PC and then try to add 125 points of new skills.

 Basic creation rules for the 175.

175 total points

Up to 40 points of Disadvantages (for player selected)

Up to 5 Quirks (total)

Any Racial Package defined in Fantasy Folk is acceptable (although some are not really worth playing).  Note: Racial Disadvantages that are part of the racial package do NOT count towards the 40 points of total Disadvantages.

No Cinematic, Super, Occult, or Silly advantages/skills. 

Racial Disadvantages/Advantages can only be taken if it part of the Racial Package for the character selected.

No Trained by a Master, Weapon Master, Time-Jumper, World Jumper or Fugue or similarly “unbalancing” Advantages (Eidetic Memory requires a VERY good reason to have).

No Wealth (except racial ones, which MUST be bought off) advantages or disadvantages are allowed.  See the Equipment section for explanation. 

Players are expected to create an idea of uniformity.  The PC should follow some sort of “plan.”  For example, if you create a Barbarian Warrior, he should NOT have skills in Artwork, Bull Dancing, Intelligence Analysis or Fashion Design.

(For simplicity “Skills” mean both Skills and Spells)

You must spend at least one (1) point on all Starting Skills and Spells, except Native Language.  No Zero Point or 1/2 point skills, You can use the Default of any skill at any time during play, but you can not easily add a skill into your repertoire (per Learning New Skills, Basic p 82, Compendium I, page 116-117).

PCs must “specialize” in some skill set.  To achieve this we use a “3-2-12 rule.”  This means you must have at least three (3) skills with at least two (2) points in each so the total of the three is twelve (12).  You can do more than that (more skills, more points, etc.), but can do no less.


300 point creation

Spend 125 more points as if the character had been played the whole time.  This means you can increase any Attribute for twice the cost (i.e., to increase IQ from 12 to 13 cost 20 additional points instead of 10).

You can buy off any Disadvantage(s) without role-playing them off, but you cannot add in new ones.  Buying “down” a Disad MAY be possible, speak to the GM prior to doing such.

New Advantages are few.  Per the rules in Basic (start of the Advantages section, Basic page 19, I think), no new advantages can be added after the character has been put into play.  But exceptions are allowed with GM approval.  We do allow “certain” advantages to be bought after the fact, but ask me if you have something specific in mind.

You can add up to 10% of your starting skill set (for the 175) as new skills.  Round up.  For example, if you had 47 skills as a 175 point PC, you can add up to 5 new skills (assuming you have any prerequisite needed).

Your PCs Age will be determined as a minimum of ½ the number of skills the 300 point has.  Using the example above, a PC with 47 skills MUST be at least 24 year old; a PC with 52 skills must be 26 years old.  You can make the PC older if desire.  Early Maturation Disad will be worked out with the GM, since it causes “special” problems.

Height and Weight are calculated using Basic page 15 under Appearance.  Remember at this Tech level, ALL HUMANS ARE 3 INCHES SHORTER THAN THE LISTED HEIGHT.  This carries over for other races, as many use Humans as a guideline.  Any Advantage/Disadvantage regarding height and weight will be calculated after the above is done.  

If you want to utilize the “Unlimited Magery” option we allow, let me know and I will run down the restrictions/requirements for your PC.  


Since you would have been adventuring for a while, it is assumed you have acquired some money/gadgets.  You get to spend

$20,000 copper (one copper equals $1 when reading the equipment lists) as a General fund.  You can spend it however you want.

$20,000 copper to spend on a single “Big Item.”  This means “item” not necessarily enchantment, so you can put multiple enchantments on a single item.  This is a Use it or Lose it situation.  If you only spend $10,000 on a Big Item, you lost the extra 10,000.  If you want you can spend additional money from your starting $20,000 of your General Fund towards your "Big Item". Effectively you could purchase a $40,000 item but that would leave you no money to purchase anything else. We strongly recommend you don't do that.

For enchantments, we follow rules of Magic and Magic Items 1.  Meaning, you need to indicate the Power of any item.  For higher Powers, the energy costs increases according to Magic page 22.

Finally (and this screws up everyone), the costs listed in Magic are the cost to Create.  If your PC is the enchanter that is the amount of money you must spend.

If you are buying the item in a Retail market, it will cost twice as much.  For example, if you were to enchant a chest with the Lighten spell 25% (100 energy to enchant), it would cost you $100.  If you were to pay someone to enchant the chest in the exact same manner, it would cost you $200.  This adds up very fast for larger items (an enchanted weapon with Accuracy +1 [250 energy] cost the weapon cost + [4510 x 2] $9020).  This is not a house rule, this is documented in Magic Items 1. 

Also, we STRONGLY recommend that you purchase some sort of transportation (i.e. horse, wagon, etc.).

In closing, let us assume that you create a PC that can work within a group (of diverse beings).  I will make you play your Disads.  If you create a being with Intolerance for Dwarves, and there is a Dwarf in the party, one of you (PC that is) is going to have leave or die.